2008 Winners

Congratulations to all our participants, parents, and teachers.
Special thanks to our adjudicators!


McGaughey Platinum Prize, Gr 11-12 ($2000)
Michael Delfín, gr 11, student of Carol Oaks

First Prize, Gr 11-12 ($1500)
Peter Klimo, gr 12, student of Tyler Tom

Honorable Mention ($300)
Xuan Zhang, gr 11, student of Stewart Gordon
Alin Melik-Adamyan, gr 12, student of Carl Matthes
Gary Chan, gr 12, student of Edward Francis
Quin Chen, gr 12, student of Young Park

Grand Prize, Gr 9-10 ($1000)
Priscella Chan, gr 10, student of Bernadene Blaha

First Prize, Gr 9-10 ($750)
Jade Huang, gr 9, student of Tien Hsieh

Honorable Mention, Gr 9-10 ($300)
Ben-Han Sung, gr 9 , student of Mark Richman
Nico Bergmann, gr 10, student of James McCormick

Grand Prize, Gr 7-8 ($300)
Jessica Ma, gr 8, student of Jenny Shin

Grand Prize, Gr 4-6 ($300)
Kyung Ho Yu, gr 6, student of Yung-Mee Rhee

First Prize, Gr 8 ($250)
Michael Wang, student of YinYin Huang

First Prize, Gr 7 ($250)
Diana Kim, student of Juli Kim

First Prize, Gr 6 ($200)
Jingfu Peng, student of Roza Yoder

First Prize, Gr 5 ($200)
Brian Chen, student of Willie Chen

First Prize, Gr 4 ($200)
Kelly Liu, student of Leo Wang

Honorable Mention, Gr 4-8 ($50)
Tammy Wu, gr 4, student of Ariel Yang
Asana Onishi, gr 6, student of Nobuyo Nishizaka
Daniel Zu, gr 6, student of Mary Zimmerman
Jonathan Mamora, gr 7, student of Elvin Rodriguez
Jessica Sheu, gr 8, student of Aleksei Takenouchi
Kai Mou, gr 8, student of Li Wang