2009 Winners

Congratulations to all our participants, parents, and teachers. We had a record number of participants this year and owe special thanks to our professional adjudicators for their dedication and long hours.

McGaughey Platinum Prize, Gr 11-12 ($2000)
Connie Kim-Sheng, gr 12, student of John Perry

First Prize, Gr 11-12 ($500 each)
Edward Tkachev, gr 11, student of Elena Makarova
Shuo Yang, gr 12, student of Kevin Fitz-Gerald
Xuan Zhang, gr 12, student of Stewart Gordon

Grand Prize, Gr 9-10 ($1000)
Weston Mizumoto, gr 9, student of Anna Grinberg

First Prize, Gr 9-10 ($750)
Alexander Agate, gr 9, student of Mona DeCesare

Honorable Mention, Gr 9-12 ($300)
Priscella Chan, gr 11, student of Bernadene Blaha
Alber Chien, gr 11, student of Daniel Pollack
Andrew Maurer, gr 11, student of Wen-Ting Huang
Inji Yoon, gr 11, student of Myong-joo Lee
Elaine Zhong, gr 11, student of Ory Shihor
Ben-Han Sung, gr 9, student of Mark Richman

First Prize, Gr 8 ($250)
David Rodgers, student of Susan Svrcek

First Prize, Gr 7 ($250)
Ryan Roberts, student of Sharon Lipman

First Prize, Gr 6 ($200)
Austin Qiu, student of Elena Makarova

First Prize, Gr 5 ($200)
Sherry Yun Tang, student of Michelle Jo Santoso

First Prize, Gr 4 ($200)
Jade Chen, student of Elena Makarova

Honorable Mention, Gr 4-8 ($50)
Benjamin Krasner, gr 4, student of Regina Vertym
Serena Wang, gr 4, student of Heewon Kwon
Yi-Sheng Zhu, gr 4, student of Eugene Kuo
Kelly Liu,gr 5, student of Elena Makarova
Brian Chen, gr 6, student of Lillian Wang
Evan Luo, gr 6, student of Mary Zimmerman
Calvin Lee, gr 7, student of Jenny Shin
Asana Onishi, gr 7, student of Nobuyo Nishizaka
Bruce Tiu, gr 7, student of Violette Hu
Cynthia Yin, gr 7, student of Mona DeCesare
Clark Chen, gr 8, student of Mark Richman
Sean Jeong, gr 8, student of Jenny Shin
Danli Liang, gr 8, student of Scott McBride Smith
Jonathan Mamora, gr 8, student of Elvin Rodriguez
Steven Tran, gr 8, student of Scott McBride Smith