2013 Winners

Congratulations to all our participants, parents, and teachers, and thank you to our dedicated adjudicators! All place winners will perform at the Winners’ Concert. In the list below, an asterisk* after the composer’s name indicates the piece that the senior division student will perform.  In case of a tie, each winner will receive the full prize amount.


Jonathan Mamora, gr 12, student of Elvin Rodriguez: Toccata in D, BWV 912 by Bach*; Sonata No.2 in B flat minor, Opus 36 by Rachmaninoff*


FIRST PRIZE, Gr 11-12 ($1500)

David Yu, gr 11, student of Yung-Mee Rhee: Piano Sonata No. 23 in F minor, “Appassionata” mvt 1 by Beethoven and Mephisto Waltz No. 1 by Liszt *


GRAND PRIZE, Gr 9-10 ($1000)

Phoebe Pan, gr 10, student of Ethan Dong: 32 Variations on an Original Theme in C minor by Beethoven* and Regard de l’Esprit de Joie from Vingt regards sur l’enfant Jésus by Messaiaen*


FIRST PRIZE, Gr 9-10 ($750)

Sean Tang-Wang, gr 9, student of Pavel Petrov: Transcendental Etude No. 4 “Mazeppa” by Liszt* and Scarlatti Sonata in E Major k.380 l. 23



David Rodgers, gr 12, student of Susan Svrcek

Asana Onishi, gr 11, student of Bernadene Blaha

Kazumi Kanagawa, gr 11, student of Micah Yui

Jingfu Peng, gr 11, student of Roza Yoder

Phyllis Pan, gr 10, student of Jenny Shin

Athena Tsianos, gr 10, student of Bernadene Blaha

Yunheng Zhu, gr 10, student of Inessa Litvin

Brian Chen, gr 10, student of Elena Makarova


FIRST PRIZE, Gr 8 ($250)

Elizabeth Sun, student of Bernadene Blaha: Ricercare and Toccata by Menotti

FIRST PRIZE, Gr 7 ($250)

Christine Cheng, student of Ariel Yang: Etude de Sonorite No. 2 by Francois Morel

FIRST PRIZE, Gr 6 ($200)

Dylan Knowles, student of Tao Chang: Soirée de Vienne No. 6 1st version by Liszt

Allison To, student of Ariel Yang: Deux Etudes de Sonorite No. 2 by Francois Morel

FIRST PRIZE, Gr 5 ($200)

Sally Qiu, student of Elena Makarova Wang: La Campanella by Liszt

FIRST PRIZE, Gr 4 ($200)

James Kim, student of Anders Martinson: Sonata No. 12 in F Major, K. 332, 1st movement, Allegro by Mozart

First Prize, Gr 3 ($200)

Andrew Shi, student of Lilit Babayan: Variations on a Theme of Paganini by Isaac Berkovich


Meg Chen, gr 8, student of Sharon Lipman

Jaron Chen, gr 8, student of Jenny Shin

Grace Moore, gr 8, student of Nobuyo Nishizaka

Hansub Kim, gr 7, student of Andrew Park

Howard Chen, gr 7, student of Aleksei Takenouchi

Peter Mugemancuro, gr 6, student of Kelly Anderson

Rufus Bordal, gr 6, student of Anders Martinson

Sydney Wang, gr 4, student of Lynn Nakamura

Alyssa Huang, gr 4, student of Elena Makarova Wang

Rachel Mugemancuro, gr 3, student of Kelly Anderson

Ryan Chun, gr 3, student of Naoko Watanabe